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for Swiss team players.
‘Do you ever see two young players having fun together on court? People don’t simply play together anymore.’ ‘Children in Switzerland have too many private lessons and play too little tennis.’

Quote from Robert Federer, father of Roger

Dear tennis kids, dear tennis parents,

These two quotes show the current trend in tennis – playing together is becoming less common as the focus moves to expensive private coaching sessions. It is extremely hard for talented juniors who love playing tennis to find playing partners at a competitive level. The better they play, the harder it is to find a training partner. Private sessions are often unaffordable, meaning juniors can’t practise as often as they need to. We have found a solution for this, and have been offering a new programme since the 2019 summer season. You can find more details at: sparring4you_Infoschreiben

sparring4you SOMMER SEASON 2021/2022

Season from 20.September to 17.April 2022

No coaching is available over the holidays.

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